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Ask me anything   Aloha Sprinklerinos! x

Anonymous asked: How many people do you follow?


152 xx

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Oh hai there new video.

Spider-Man, boys in suits, an almost boobie-disastrous dress. What more could you want from 6 minutes?!

ReBlog Please! xxx

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Anonymous asked: whats is something you would refuse to promote?


Anything I didn’t believe in or thought was rubbish xx

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Anonymous asked: What is the best way to take up time on the train? I have a 4 hour train ride tomorrow and I don't know what to take so I don't die of boredom(:


The 3 M’s- Music, Magazines, M&M (peanut variety) xxx

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youtuberphantasy asked: What makes you follow someone on tumblr? :) I love you lots by the way <3


If they tell me what it’s about (I don’t follow things with nudity, violence or scary things) and ask me to really. xx

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